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Acupuncture Advance
George S. Beltz
NCCAOM Diplomate of Acupuncture

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First Appointment: I will ask you to describe why you came in and give us a history of your situation.

You will be listened to. Your questions will be answered.

Next we will process a Chinese diagnosis and appropriate therapies will be recommended.

If you agree with the plan, we will proceed to treatment. The actual treatment will last about 40 minutes.

Please allow 90 minutes for your first treatment, 75 minutes thereafter. I will be with you for all but around 15 minutes, during which patients are usually allowed to relax alone with their treatment. 

The first treatment is naturally very relaxing as acupuncture causes the release of neuro-transmitters that relax us.

After acupuncture, it is the tradition of our lineage to do about 5 - 10 minutes of meridian handwork, which circulates the effects of the treatment through the entire meridian system.

Last, you will be given recommendations and resources which will provide ways to help yourself until we meet again.

Side Effects: 

The side effects of acupuncture are largely positive! Most patients report getting very relaxed during treatment. Later most report sleeping better, having more energy in general and being more relaxed and more focused through the day.

In fact the side effects are so positive that many folks like to come periodically for stress relief and general tonification.

Occasional small bruises may occur at the site of needling, but they go away in a few days. Cupping can cause circular bruising like you see on athletes and actresses.

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