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The best reason to get acupuncture is simple - It Works!

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     Chinese medicine sees any health issue as part of the whole fabric of our lives, though it never says that our problems are our fault. Instead it teaches us that our lives and health are too complex to draw such simplistic conclusions.

The basic process of Chinese Medicine is to bring the body into balance according to a 5 element 8 principle model. A body in balance heals naturally.

Most health problems improve as we bring more balance to our lives through acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork, nutrition, sleep, and exercise. If you make recommended lifestyle changes in order to contribute to your own health care, your results will be better.
     If you want to know about what I am doing or why at any time, please ask.  The theory and practice of Chinese medicine is fascinating for its beauty and just plain common sense. Despite what you have seen in the movies and on TV, it is not about magic or mojo, quite the opposite. Basically, the Chinese started healthcare 10,000 years ago with no technology and through trial and error and after several billion patient treatments, they figured out a thing or three. It is grounded in experience, observation and experimentation. As a ex-teacher, I am always happy to explain if it helps you, but it is also important to relax for some of your treatment.
     Most of our patients achieve significant improvements quickly. However, please understand that acupuncture is not ‘fast food’. While many patients experience immediate benefits particularly for minor problems, more severe problems may take more time as acupuncture treatment is cumulative in nature. Simply put, if your problems are long term, one or two treatments cannot reliably tell you if acupuncture can help you. So for more severe issues we suggest that you plan to come for a minimum of four to six treatments to see if acupuncture can help you. If it does not help, we will recommend another therapy. If it does help, we will work with you until your results plateau, then phase out treatment. My goal is to help you get you back to your life as soon as possible. As a former teacher used to say, ’a ship does not belong in dry-dock’. Last, we will teach you to stay healthy on your own.