'My insurance did not cover acupuncture and it was still the best value I've ever had in health care dollars.'               Ben K.

'I used to get every cold and flu that made the rounds. Now my immune system is strong and I rarely get sick.'           Allie O.

'Acupuncture with George is the most peaceful part of my week.'

Maria B.

'George helped me get free of  medications.'       Jim E.

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Acupuncture Advance
George S. Beltz
NCCAOM Diplomate of Acupuncture

Common Questions

Does it hurt? 

No. No one would get acupuncture if it did. Especially not in Oklahoma (we're comfort folks!).

I use the smallest needles available. They are about the size of a hair. On the hands or feet (which are not required), you may feel a slight stick but even that goes away in seconds.

Needles are not required!

We can use acupressure, Chinese Herbal Formulas, Cupping (suction cup therapy - remember circles on Michael Phelps at the Olympics or Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars?), Tui Na (Chinese manipulation), Gua Sha (using jade tools on the skin), and Reiki (an energetic healing technique).

Are there Side Effects?

Yes, but they are positive side effects! Patients usually report lower daily stress levels, better sleep, more energy, less anxiety and depression, more willpower for self-care, better work performance and just generally feeling more 'right'.  

How many treatments will it take?

It depends on the issue and your ability to recover. I will give you my best guess after a thorough evaluation. Some folks recover immediately (like acupuncture on TV), but most need a short series of sessions. The average number of visits per patient at my office is 7, but that includes some long term care for chronic diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis that skews the average. However, done properly, acupuncture is a finite process. Simply put, your sessions are over when success plateaus. If you need further care, we have an excellent 20 year list of doctors, PT's, massage therapists, yoga teachers and other practitioners that we refer to. I will do my best to get you to where you don't need our help with the fewest possible visits. Because on of the best reasons to choose acupuncture over other therapies is that it produces substantive change: When you are done, you usually get to keep your results with very little maintenance, and mostly self-maintenance.

Will I be safe?

Yes. I am certified nationally in acupuncture and in clean needle technique. It is the gold standard of acupuncture training accepted for licensure in 45 states.

Note: Oklahoma does not have any acupuncture licensure or regulation at all. Anyone can practice acupuncture with or without training. There is simply no oversight. Further, 99% of acupuncture injuries nationally have been with non-NCCAOM acupuncturists. 

An analogy: Do you want a lawyer that has been to law school and passed the bar? A nurse or doctor who has graduated and passed the medical or nursing boards? The difference is here, that the state does not do it for you. Further, Americans are poorly equipped to judge the competence or an acupuncturist, all we know is if we like them. Personal results are not the best measure as with anything, 33% of anyone who goes gets good results  (placebo effect - same across all medicine). With an NCCAOM acupuncturist, acupuncture is usually around 70% effective.

May I suggest that even if you do not see me, that you go to another NCCAOM certified acupuncturist. See and check the 'Find a Therapist' box on the Home page.

While you are there, please check out the Acupuncture National Certification Training and Testing requirements. Its a solid program.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are $80 per treatment. We require payment at time of service. We will be happy to give you the proper papers to file for your insurance or your café plan if you want to get reimbursed.

What is our appointment policy?

We require 48 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment. 

How long are the appointments?
The first appointment takes 60 to 90 minutes. Regular appointments are 1 hour, but please allow 75 minutes so you won't have to rush.

How is acupuncture used? 
For fixing problems, acupuncture is usually best in a short series of treatments, ceasing gradually when the results plateau.

For Wellness, a short series of treatments is used to help the individual get in balance, then a treatment every 3 to 4 months is used to stay in balance and to correct any issues that come up.

Will my insurance pay for it?

It depends on you policy. The more expensive policies usually do, the PPO's often require a referral, and currently, Medicare does not cover acupuncture, yet.

The real question is, is it a good therapy for you at this time?

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